Your Exclusive Corporate Carpooling Solution

Make your employees' daily commute more efficient, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly by launching a comprehensive corporate carpooling app.

Solution Overview

Explore a list of features designed to address your employees' transportation needs, and reduce spending and traffic congestion.

App for Employees

Make your employees' daily commute simple, seamless, and automated with a private carpooling app.

Hassle-free Onboarding

Start a corporate carpooling app easily by verifying your official email address.

Smart Matching

Find the most cost-effective and time-saving carpooling options based on locations and commute time preferences.

Co-Traveler Profiles

Access only essential information about co-travelers for a comfortable ride.

Notification Alerts

Receive timely trip-related updates through push notifications.

Track Your Ride

Use precise GPS tracking for real-time monitoring of your ride.

Confirm/Cancel a Trip

Book, modify, or cancel your ride by confirming pickup and drop-off locations before the journey begins.

Commuting History

Access and review your complete carpool history, including trip history, and monitor the status of each ride.

Safety First

Ensure safety with a built-in SOS button for emergencies and 24/7 customer support.

Organisation Portal

Admin can easily monitor activities on our comprehensive digital platform and keep a log of employee carpools and actual rides.

Secure Login

Ensure authenticated access to the web-based admin panel from any modern browser, enhancing security and control.

User Management

Add, edit, and manage the data of users including employees, admins, and drivers.

Employee Management

View the list of employees, track their account statuses, and seamlessly manage profiles. Streamline onboarding with bulk import via Excel files.

Enhanced Administration

Oversee the list of rides posted by car owners, users, and the content management system.

Ride Management

Access a detailed carpool history of all employees, including driver names, carpool members, vehicle details, route information, etc.

Key Insights

Leverage key business statistics and carpool metrics through an elegantly designed dashboard to make data-driven decisions.

Data Protection

Safeguard your sensitive business information by leveraging our innovative carpool platform with a secure database.

Want to launch a Carpooling App for your Organization?

Empower your employees, drive sustainability, and elevate savings by embracing the future of corporate commuting with our corporate carpooling app suitable for communities and businesses of all sizes.

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Organization Approach

Make your corporate carpooling program more efficient with a reliable, affordable, and employee-centric approach.

Employee Engagement

Foster a more cohesive employee community through increased engagement.

Drive Productivity

Elevate both employee and organizational productivity with a flexible and efficient corporate carpool solution.

Time Optimization

Eliminate redundant delays by using an analytics-enabled carpooling app and ride-matching algorithm.

Encourage Punctuality

All employees arrive more or less on time, resulting in a more efficient & consistent provincial culture.

Cost Reduction

Reduce costs associated with building new parking and cab facilities by adopting a corporate carpooling app.

Corporate Social Responsibility Focus

Improve your organization's social and environmental performance, aligning with CSR goals.

Commitment To Sustainability

Enhance your commitment to sustainability and engage in actions to protect the environment.

Employee Approach

Enable a more enjoyable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible commuting experience for employees.


Empower your employees with a cost-effective carpooling app, reducing their fuel expenses and vehicle maintenance costs.

Foster Employee Bonds

Cultivate a community of employees who travel together, promoting social connections among them over time.

Time Utilization

Introduce a carpooling app equipped with analytics and advanced ride-matching algorithms to maximize time efficiency.

Safety Assurance

Ensure safety by verifying employee profiles during registration, allowing only trusted colleagues access to the system.

Smooth Connectivity

Enable employees to easily connect with your transport help desk for assistance and support.

Continuous Improvement

Keep your app up-to-date by promptly addressing and implementing feedback. Our development team is committed to maintaining top-quality and stable app performance.

Corporate Benefits
Revolutionize your organization's transportation management, increase employee satisfaction, and streamline operations with your exclusive corporate carpooling app.

Boost Workforce Morale

Reduce Transportation & Parking Expenses

Eco-friendly Digital Solution

Reduce Traffic Congestion

What Do We Offer?
We aim to promote efficient, eco-friendly commuting while addressing the needs of both individual commuters and corporate clients.

Assured Safety

Private Carpool Network

Onboarding Support

Why Choose Our Corporate Carpooling Platform

We specialize in bringing the power of smart and sustainable corporate mobility to reshape employee transportation strategies for organizations and deliver differentiated experiences.

Smart Matching Algorithm

Facilitates optimal trips to employees, ensuring an efficient and sustainable carpooling ecosystem.

User-Friendly Experience

A smooth and effortless app for employees, ensuring effective corporate carpooling.

Robust and Scalable

A highly scalable transport management system capable of accommodating the carpooling needs of even the largest corporate workforce.